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Letter from Brantley Unit

A Letter to Leadership from the staff at The Brantley Unit

We are very proud to be apart of The Woodland Warriors and we would like to give some reasons as to why.
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Woodland Entrance

Visitation Policy Change 12/15/20

Greg Cole, CEO of The Woodland announced today that visitation at Holly Manor has been suspended until further notice due […]
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Visits at The Woodland

Updates to Noncontact Visitation Guidelines Effective 12/14/20

The Woodland has updated its noncontact visitation guidelines. Detailed guidelines can be found here and there are several important things […]
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Sharon McAbee, nursing director at The Woodland, to retire after 36 years

The Woodland today announced the retirement of Brookview Assisted Living Nursing Director Sharon McAbee who served The Woodland for 36 […]
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Farmville Herald

From the Farmville Herald: Woodland Covid Notification Done Right

The community should thank the leadership at The Woodland senior living center for it’s prompt and forthright reporting of it’s […]
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Woodland Entrance

The Woodland resident tests positive for COVID-19

The Woodland, Inc today confirmed that a resident of its Brookview assisted living facility tested positive for COVID-19. The resident […]
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Scheduled Visits With Residents Now Available

The Woodland is thrilled to announce that effective Sept. 7, 2020, it is scheduling 20-minute noncontact outside visits with residents’ […]
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Woodland Parade Invite

The Woodland to host family and friends parade for residents on Labor Day

Everyone loves a parade! Including our residents, who’ve been missing family and friends. Join our parade and show our residents […]
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Woodland Entrance

The Woodland named ‘exemplary facility’

The Woodland, Inc, including its nursing and assisted living facilities, recently underwent an Infection Prevention and Control Assessment (IPCA) and […]
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Second employee stimulus recognizes ‘Woodland Warriors’

The Woodland, Farmville’s premier retirement community, has enacted a second economic stimulus for its employees. The second stimulus package of […]
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