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A Letter to Leadership from the staff at The Brantley Unit

This year has been a tough year for residents and staff alike. The Woodland has always placed resident care first, which contributes to our success. We are very proud to be a part of The Woodland Warriors, and we would like to give some reasons why.

While the leadership in this company stresses resident care first, it has certainly proven the importance of staff during this difficult time. For starters, the Woodland offers free daily meals, from breakfast to pizza, for its staff. That includes chicken, donuts, ice cream, snacks and occasional bowls of chocolate candies brought in for staff. Free T-shirts and hats with Woodland emblems are provided, and free uniforms are promised to all. The staff is given bonus pay, hazard pay and extra money that helps support small businesses in our community.

You have listened to our concerns at different times and tried to find solutions that would best work for all. Comments like “We need to work as a team”; “What can I do to help”; “I will take care of that for you”; “Good job” — all of these are important words to hear.

Letter from Brantley Unit

You have put into play rules of dos and don’t which help keep everyone, especially our residents, safe. You have provided us with education to keep us abreast of current matters regarding COVID.

Yes, we are proud to be a Woodland Warrior. We are proud of our leaders for guiding and protecting us, for making decisions which can sometimes be difficult and for being there with us thru these times.

Thank you so very much for all you have done. May your Christmas be blessed with peace, love and family.


The Brantley Unit.


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